Email Support Documentation

Setup IMAP or POP

These tutorials will help you add your mailbox as an IMAP or POP account in various e-mail clients, including Thunderbird, Outlook, Android and iOS. Most e-mail clients will require a manual setup.

If you are familiar with this setup, you can click here for our web page on what server names and ports to use.

For the SMTP settings, remember to always mark the option to “Require authentication” (sometimes referred to as “My server requires SMTP authentication”).

Also note that IMAP is recommended rather than POP, as it´s a protocol made to support several devices accessing one same account, with all folders synced at our server, which also guarantees that our backups will be executed.

User Features - How To

The User Control Panel is located at and can also be accessed via Webmail, from the “Control Panel” link.

It lets users manage several aspects, such as changing their password, setup autoresponder, managing spam quarantine, and forwarders, tracking deliveries, creating delivery rules, managing white and blacklist, and much more.

Webmail - How To

Features available in our Webmail GroupOffice. To access your webmail you have a few options:

1) Automatically: add CNAME in your DNS: ->
2) Manually: if your domain is, in your browser you can go to mydomain– Make sure you replace mydomain–com with your own domain name.

Configure A New E-Mail Address

Follow these steps to create a new e-mail address using the domain that you have already purchased. This quick guide applies to both Basic and Enhanced mailboxes...

DNS Configuration

DNS Updates It might take some time to see the changes in your DNS based on your provider and domain settings. 1. MX Records The...

Webmail Client

For both Basic and Enhanced mailboxes, our supported Webmail interface is the Group-Office Webmail. It’s a complete re-design, very modern and fast, and it works as...

E-mail Migration

If you need to migrate mailboxes from a previous provider, first create the mailboxes on our side and then send an e-mail to Support (or open a...

Servers & Ports

Servers & Ports Configuring “Autodiscover & Autoconfig” can simplify the configuration of your desktop clients IMAP Service: Encryption Server Address Ports SSL 993 TLS...

Autodiscover & Autoconfig

Autodiscover & Autoconfig for Outlook, Thunderbird & Mobile Devices What is Autodiscover & Autoconfig ? They are web services that are used by a growing...

Common Problems

Common Errors Symptom: The messages that you send out come back as a bounce message with the following error: 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list...